Jacqueline Zesiger

Jacqueline Zesiger, Executive MBA HSG, Universität St. Gallen, is the owner of Globalworking GmbH. As a coach and sparring partner she advises people in professional or entrepreneurial decision-making phases. She shares her expertise gained in more than 25 years of professional experience in corporations and as an entrepreneur at meetings, as a moderator and in individual interviews. The Meetings are hold in the Lounge-Room of ART ON MASSAGE, a modern and inspiring environment. She speaks German, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.



Art on Massage

Today she runs Art on Massage, a recreative environment with a professional network of medical and specialised therapists. Personally, she has acquired additional qualification in traditional Thai massage (Diploma in General Thai Massage and Diploma in Advanced Medical Massage Therapy, Royal Massage School Wat Po, Bangkok) and also learned Ayurvedic facial and head massage in Candolim, Southern India. In addition, she has experience in manual lymph drainage and completed her Diploma training in ‘Medical Basics’ studied in Switzerland. Paired with her profound and extensive life experience, she succeeds at this combination of business environment and health oasis. Her main task remains Coaching and acting as Sparring Partner.





Suurstoffi 8, 8th floor, 6343 Rotkreuz

 T +41 79 444 14 40